Ecosystem :

  • Ecosystem is a biological system that comprises living organisms in a given area
  • The living organisms may be tiny microbes till the Blue whales
  • These living organisms depend on each other and interact with each other inside this ecosystem
  • They also live in conjunction with basic necessities of life like Air, water, minerals and so on
  • Ecosystem is also called as “Ecological Systems”

Ecosystem : (Short Essay)

An ecosystem is a community of living and non living things interacting with each other. Ecosystem is a system where living organisms of various levels depend on each other and depend on non living things which are their basic necessities of life. Ecosystem is composed of Biotic components and Abiotic components. These components interact with each other and link with each other as a result of which energy flow occurs. Ecosystem is controlled by both external and internal factors. Ecosystem can be classified for simplicity into 3 types: Micro, Messo and Biome. Also Ecosystem can be classified into Aquatic Ecosystem and Terrestrial Ecosystem.

Ecosystem : (Brief Essay)

Ecosystem can be simply considered as a biological community that includes living organisms and the physical and chemical factors that are essential to make a sustainable system. These factors are the non-living or abiotic environment.

Ecosystem is made up of two major components:

  • Biotic Components
  • Abiotic Components

The Biotic components of an ecosystem are Plants, Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores and Detrivores and so on. The Abiotic Components of an ecosystem are Sunlight, Temperature, Water, Moisture, Soil and So on. It is very clear from the short list that the biotic components are dependent on the abiotic components for a living. Because the abiotic components are the basic necessities of life.

Energy flow happens in an ecosysteom via a food web; a food web is in turn made up on many interlocking food chains.

Ecosystems can exist anywhere. For simplicity, ecosystems are classified into:

  • Micro (a small scale ecosystem like pond)
  • Messo (a medium scale ecosystem like forest)
  • Biome (a big scale ecosystem like Rainforest)

The further classification of ecosystem is based upon the living place of the Biotic Components. An ecosystem that occurs in landmass and involves animals that live on land, it is called Terrestrial Ecosystem. On the other hand, if the same occurs in water involving biotic components living in water, then it is called Aquatic Ecosystem.

Ecosystem is generally influenced by external factors and internal factors. Human activities also influence Ecosystem to a great level. The over use of natural resources, exploiting nature, pollution, using chemicals that spoil the ecosystem and much more contribute to the slow decline of a strong ecosystem. We need to manage the changes and have social responsibility in order to ensure a sustainable ecosystem.

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