Election : (Short Essay)

India is a democratic country. The government is formed by us; to us and for us. So, it is important for each and every one of us to realize that election is very important. Every citizen above 18 years of age should cast his or her vote during election. Voting is both a right and duty for each and every citizen of India. In our country, general elections take place once in 5 years. Candidates are announced and we should vote for the right person to lead us. On the other hand, the candidates meet us door to door; hold public meetings and many other programs on behalf of their parties.

Election : (Brief Essay)

Election is an important process in a democratic country like India. Election is a process to select the representative to form a government. Election, generally takes place in regular intervals of Time. In our country, election takes places once in 5 years. Election is conducted by:

Elections take place to select the appropriate candidate to represent us as government. So, it is our duty to identify the right person. Once election is announced, nomination takes place. Various political parties participate in the election by proposing the names of their nominees.

Almost a month before the election, each party holds its own public meetings and gatherings in order to win favor of people. Before a certain period, the parties should stop approaching the public for favor.

Election happens in different polling stations. The polls are highly secured with lot of policemen around. People can cast their votes on the nearby polling station allotted to them.

People from all parts of the country take part in election. It is both a right and responsibility of each and every citizen to take part in election. In a democratic country like India, voting is essential to select the right candidate on behalf of the public.

People who are above 18 years of age should cast their vote without fail. If we do not use our votes, there is always a possibility that our vote is misused by some means. We should not fail to express our collective will through voting. It is our duty to show our power in selecting our representative ourselves.

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