Four Seasons of India

Four Seasons of India :

  • India is a large country with various environmental set ups
  • Each part of the country has a climate in a year
  • Generally, the four seasons in India are: Summer Season, Winter Season, Rainy Season And Spring Season
  • The impacts of each season varies from region to region
  • Being a tropical country, Summers in India are intense

Four Seasons of India : (Short Essay)

The four seasons of India are Summer Season, Winter Season, Rainy Season and Spring Season. Our country faces different phases of climate changes during each season. The Sunny Summer Season tests our patience with the beating heat. The chill Rainy Season is enjoyable with the non stop rains. The pleasant Winter Season induces us to go for a tour. The joy giving Spring Season is the happiest month for the farmers. The weather and climate in each season affects people both positive and negative ways. Still, people welcome each season for its own advantages and get ready to face the drawbacks of each season.

Four Seasons of India : (Brief Essay)

India is a tropical country that is quite large with varied environments, differing weather and changing climate. TeIndian is large country. The four seasons of India are:

  • Summer Season
  • Rainy Season
  • Winter Season
  • Spring Season

The Summer Season starts in the months of April and ends in June. We can experience hot winds during the Summer Season. Intense heat can be seen in many parts of the country. The heat stoke is so high that many people die in many regions of our country. The Sun shines to its extreme capability and people struggle a lot to go outside in Summer. It is advisable to stay cool and eat water melon, cucumber and water content rich food during hottest days. Drinking a lot of water, fresh juices and tender coconuts are also good to beat the heat.

The best thing about the month of June is that we can see the heat transforming into the breezy rains in many parts of the country. From the month of June or July till the mid of September, rains give a high sigh of relief to many people in the country. Again, if rains are very heavy there are chances that many regions will be easily flooded. Mango fruits are easily available during this season.

The Winter Season is followed by the rainy season; the season falls between the months of October to January. Unlike the other seasons, Winter Season is a very active season. People like this season because Winter Season is favorable for trips and hang outs. Fruits and vegetable can be found cheap and easily available during this season.

The Spring Season, otherwise called the harvest season, occurs between February and March. Farmers are happy during this season since they can see the results of their long time hard work.

Four Seasons of India in Video

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