Counting by 5-Find the missing numbers

This worksheet is a fantastic resource for Grade 1 students to practice consecutive counting by 5s. It’s designed to be easy to use and engaging, with a series of numbers laid out for kids to match and count. By providing a structured approach to learning number sequences, this free worksheet aids in reinforcing mathematical skills and confidence in young learners, all while they enjoy the process of education.

Grade-1 Number and Count 5s - 1 to 500 (3 hints consecutive)Grade-1 Number and Count 5s - 1 to 500 (3 hints random)
Grade-1 Number and Count 5s - 1 to 500 (2 hints random)

We have carefully crafted worksheets to enhance the counting skills of Grade 1 students through a combination of structured and randomized approaches. It features three consecutive hints to guide learners through the pattern of counting by 5s, offering a clear path to understanding numerical order. Additionally, the worksheet includes three random hints that challenge students to think critically and apply their knowledge in varied contexts. To further test their mastery, two more random hints are provided, encouraging problem-solving and reinforcing their learning in a dynamic and engaging way. This blend of guided and exploratory learning ensures a comprehensive educational experience.

3 hints, consecutive

3 hints, random

2 hints, random