Modernization :

  • Modernization is the transformation of rural society to modern society
  • Modernization generally means the emergence of industries to a modern society
  • Modernization is a never ending open process
  • Time since civilization, people’s lifestyle has changed gradually and now we live in modern society
  • Modernization has considerably changed the lifestyle of people of all classes.

Modernization : (Short Essay)

Modernization can be considered as the transition from traditional society to modern society. The transition can be considered a progressive and open ended process. Industrialization can be considered as one of the important process related to modernization. Globalization also can be directly linked to the transition of rural society to a modern society. High technological advancements, changing lifestyle of people and many other changes have taken place over a period of time because of modernization. Modernization has created impact on people of all classes; it has favored the riches while affected the poor people in many ways. Modernization has destroyed the traditions and customs of many societies that has been adhered since ages.

Modernization : (Brief Essay)

The world has been developing slowly right from the first day. The changes, growth and development have been gradual. The world as it was in the earlier times can be called a traditional society. The areas were rural; the people in it were learning concepts and trying to develop themselves. Modernization is the ultimate impact of man’s deeds to civilize him to the global level.

The traditional society tried to restrict people of one area/state/country to its own tradition. Modernization has helped people to gel and accept globalization. Because of this literacy and culture development took place. The lifestyle of people has changed to a very big level.

Another aspect of modernization is industrialization. Modernization can be simply explained as the transformation from a rural society to an industrial society. Urbanization is the outcome of modernization. Wherever there was an emergence of industry, modernization happened without human intervention in that place. High level of technological developments and advancements took place after modernization. Modernization gave way for economical changes, social changes and westernization all across the world.

Modernization has its own pros and cons. One can clearly know the positive impacts of a modern society. But the other side of it comes in disguise along with the positive impacts. For example, technological developments reduce the time and cost incurred in mass production and makes work easier. This directly affects the employment cycle in every pre-modernization society. Modern society thrashes more capable and experienced employees and job seekers with its own advancements.

Modernization, hence, has good aspects and at the same time unfolds badly as in the above example. All that the humankind can do is to accept the irreversible changes, try to be fit enough to survive in the competitive modern society and admit the serious natural and social impacts of the globalization in the future to come.

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