My Aim in Life

My Aim in Life :

  • My aim in life is to become a world famous entrepreneur
  • My father is a great business man and he is a successful person in all his businesses
  • He is my great inspiration and he motivates to be first in everything
  • His hard work has helped him be a successful entrepreneur for more than 12 years
  • One day I will become a big entrepreneur like him and prove myself in my life

My Aim in Life : (Short Essay)

My ambition in life is to become a business woman. I have learnt that making money through our own business gives a pride than working under other people. I have dreams about starting a company which executes my idea. My parents have been a big support for my dream. I am making myself efficient to achieve my aim as early as possible. My biggest aim is to become one of the youngest and successful entrepreneurs in our country. I keep watching interviews of great business people so that I can learn from them.

My Aim in Life : (Brief Essay)

My aim in life is to become a great entrepreneur. Our school helps us come up with innovative ideas. Creativity is an advantage in any field. Many of our staff are supporting me since I have won many presentations during inter school competitions.

Last year, I was awarded as the most innovative student in our district. My parents were very happy about my success and they are motivating me on the same. Since then, they help me and guide me on most captivating topics that I can work on. My friends appreciate and admire my entrepreneurial skills.

One of the biggest support and motivation for me is my mother. She helps me in my hard work and sits with me when I work on tough projects. She keeps saying that I can definitely become a business owner.

Business is an innovative idea that keeps us apart from other people. Only when we dream big, we can become the one we dream in future. Many people wonder if I can achieve and fulfill my dream. My confidence and hard work will take me to my dream soon. All my friends want to work for a company or have a dream job but I always dream about the title of my own business idea.

I prepare myself to face any kind of competitions conducted in our school and inter school competitions. I always keep watching business news and regularly read business magazines so that I stay updated always. The business stories of many successful entrepreneurs have enhanced my business knowledge and fine tune my entrepreneurial skills. With such efforts, I can pass through all obstacles and establish my aim in life.

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