My Favourite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher :

  • Our Science teacher is my favorite teacher
  • He is very kind to all the students
  • He teaches the lessons every day and keeps tests regularly
  • No one in our class has failed in Science because of his teaching
  • Because of my Science Teacher, Science has become my favorite subject too.

My Favorite Teacher : (Short Essay)

Teachers are the real mentors in a student’s life. They teach us not only subject; but also discipline and morality. One such teacher is our Social teacher. Our social teacher is the best teacher I have ever known in my life. She started teaching in our school last year. Since then, students have excelled in Social studies. She always sticks to her lesson plans and test plans. She never postponed any of her duties and because of her we have learned to be punctual. A teacher is definitely the backbone for a student’s achievement and enhancement. Our social teacher is the best example for this.

My favorite Teacher : (Brief Essay)

A teacher is one who understands a student’s mentality and tries to bring the best out of him. There is no big force that is necessary to kindle the spark inside a student. In our school, our English teacher is one such inspiration for all of us. A teacher can make a student a great achiever. Our school English teacher is my favorite teacher.

Our English Teacher is one who takes initiatives to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student. The communication skill of a student is more important than any other skill. A student needs to be a good communicator to convey his ideas to the society. In this context, our English teacher plays a major part in improving our communication skill.

The classes held by our English teacher are so enjoyable. We never got bored by the innovative sessions organized by our English Teacher. The grammar and vocabulary practice sessions conducted by her are so interesting. We have always tried to speak English in the right way because of the practice she gave to us. Our communication level has increased to a good level only because of our English Teacher. We are really thankful to our English teacher for the knowledge we have gained because of her.

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