Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion :

  • Soil is an important component of our ecosystem
  • We do not directly depend on soil
  • But all sources of life depend on soil
  • We should save soil from being eroded and save soil as much as possible

Soil Erosion : (Short Essay)

Soil is the uppermost layer of our planet. It is formed by the breakdown of rocks. It takes many thousand years for a fertile land of soil to be formed. But by many human activities soil is being washed away in seconds nowadays. It is highly important to learn the importance of soil and need to save soil. Soil contains both water and minerals which are necessary sources of life on Earth. But when natural agents wash away soil the nutrients also get washed away. One best way to prevent soil erosion is to grow as much trees as possible. Trees act as wind breakers and fight wind from blowing upper layer of soil from its place. We should take necessary actions and save soil before all the fertile land turns into barren land or desert.

Soil Erosion : (Brief Essay)

Soil is a rich source of water and minerals. It is with the help of soil we are able to grow plants and trees.

But by various activities, soil is washed away. Soil erosion generally occurs due to running water, wind , waves and snow.

It has taken more than a million years to form the soil that we are seeing now. Thus, if we lose a layer of soil it takes again many hundred years to restore a pinch of it.

Soil erosion generally occurs due to improper vegetation and lack of care. When a land is left barren for weeks it leads to soil erosion. Soil erosion also occurs due to plundering of soil beyond a limit. Soil is used for many purposes like construction. When humans continue to do such activities ecosystem is totally disturbed and it leads to many drastic effects.

The best solution for this problem is to grow more trees especially in barren lands. We should not litter the land. We should learn to segregate wastes as biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes. We should never allow the non biodegradable to enter the soil. We should reuse, recycle, reduce and refuse respective materials and respective places.

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