Speech on world health day

Good morning everyone. I am happy to be in front of you to present my speech on the topic ‘world health day’. The World Health Organization has announced a yearly celebration of health to create awareness amongst people. The global health day is observed every year on 7th April, all through the world.

World health day is celebrated worldwide to make people aware of the benefits of being healthy. On this day the WHO and other Non-profit organizations conduct numerous programs and arrangements to celebrate the world health day.

It is important to make people aware that health is wealth. We need to understand that health is an important aspect of our life. With so many diseases prevailing in the environment, keeping yourself fit and healthy is vital. Imparting knowledge about health and fitness to the public will help spread awareness. And the world health day is instrumental in bringing awareness to people.

In India, World Health Day is observed every year in accordance with the World Health Organization’s themes. The day draws the attention of the public towards the importance of global health. Every year, WHO prepares a theme based on which various events are held for the world health day. As a day observed at both international and national levels, it targets all issues related to health.

Health authorities from various countries join the celebrations supporting health issues. WHO also reminds people about major health issues prevailing in the world. It also takes effort to eradicate several serious health issues and epidemics in developing countries. The national-level celebrations include enhancing healthcare services and providing better capabilities for health workers. It also focuses on making healthcare available to all sections of society.

In the growing world today, health is very important. We need to make this day a moment to realize the need for a healthy life. In our attention to work, eat, and sleep, we forget the importance of taking care of health. We often ignore it to the extent that we remember it only after health deteriorates or when sickness arises. We need to understand that health is the real wealth.

On this world health day, I would like to make urge you all to pay attention to your health. Keep in mind a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. So, try to spend time keeping yourself fit. Adopt healthy habits, change your eating habits to healthy ones, adapt to a fit lifestyle, and always exercise. This way, you can restore your health and make your life a really meaningful one.

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