Thanks Giving Day

Thanks Giving Day :

  • Thanks Giving Day is celebrated on fourth Thursday of the November month every year.
  • President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, proclaimed this day as a national holiday.
  • Thanks giving day is observed to praise and thank the God for all the blessings received.
  • Today, it is a family reunion dinner celebration.
  • Turkey and pumpkin has become the symbol of thanks giving day.
  • Traditional dinner includes roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

Thanks Giving Day : (Brief Essay)

Thanks Giving Day is celebrated once in a year as a day to give thanks to God. People in United States of America and Canada show gratitude for the blessings received throughout the year. The day is observed with feasting and prayer.

History of Thanksgiving

Thanks Giving Day was first observed in New England. It was about giving thanks to God for harvesting of crops. This day happens usually during the later days of fall, when people harvest their crops. People from different parts of the world started celebrating this routine according to their land harvest period.

The American Thanks Giving Day was actually a harvest festival in the beginning. The first Thanks Giving Day in America was celebrated in 1619 on December 4. It was a religious festival, at the James River by English settlers. They observed the day as a thankful celebration of their arrival to the land. Later people started arranging feasts to celebrate their bountiful harvest for three days. In June 20, 1676, US council proclaimed fourth Thursday of the November month as a Thanksgiving Day. However, in Canada, Thanks Giving day is observed on second Monday of October month. During Abraham Lincoln’s period in 1863, he proclaimed it as a holiday to praise our beneficent Father. Today, Thanks Giving Day is a universal family reunion dinner celebration. Christians pray and attend church services on this day, giving thanks to God for the year’s blessings.

Traditional dinners on thanks giving day include turkeys as the favorite dish. Other than that, cranberries, dried fruits, potatoes, fish, plums and lobsters are included. In modern days, thanks giving day dinners include the pumpkin pie. Today, turkey and pumpkin has become the symbol of Thanksgiving Day. That is why; it has become a customary dinner in every household.

Thanksgiving feast is a national tradition nowadays. People believe in finding prosperity on giving thanks to God during a Thanks Giving day. Usually, the meal begins with a silence, giving thanks for blessings received. Families or friends gather for a reunion every year on this day and find the joy of gatherings in this occasion.