Thiruvalluvar Day

Thiruvalluvar Day :

  • Thiruvalluvar is one of the famous Tamil poets and philosopher
  • He is the master of the great work on Ethics, Thirukural
  • The fourth day of Tamil Festival Pongal is also celebrated as Thiruvalluvar Day
  • The day is observed as a mark of the masterpiece Thirukural and the teachings it showers
  • Thiruvalluvar Day is celebrated by garlanding his statues all over Tamil Nadu

Thiruvalluvar Day : (Short Essay)

There are no words to explain the eminence of the greatest work on Tamil Literature – Thirukural. This masterpiece was written by the intellect who is till this day celebrated as a great Tamil poet and philosopher. Though there are less information about the great saint, his work on ethics marks his name else where even today. As a tribute to his contributions to the Tamil Literature, the fourth day of Tamil Festival Pongal is celebration in Tamilnadu. This day is called Thiruvalluvar day (also Kaanum Pongal and Karinaal). The day reminds us of the great scholar who brought in the concepts of  Dharma, Artha, Kama in Thirukural. On Thiruvalluvar Day, people garland his statue and celebrated in the form of garlanding Thiruvalluvar Statue and pay homage to the places that are built as a remmebrance of the great saint Thiruvalluvar.

Thiruvalluvar Day : (Brief Essay)

The eminent Saint Thiruvalluvar, who is a great man who would never been replaced. There are not much traces on the life history of Thiruvalluvar, but is believed that he had lived in a period between second century BC and 8th century AD. It is also said that he dwelled in an area called Mylapore (in Chennai, Tamil Nadu).

The notable work of Thiruvalluvar which made him world famous is Thirukural. In this great book, he brought in the concepts of:

  • Dharma (Aram)
  • Artha (Porul)
  • Kama (Inbam)

Thiruvalluvar is also known worldwide in other names which are:

  1.  Mudharpaavalar
  2. Deivappulavar
  3. Maadhaanupangi
  4. Naanmuganaar
  5. Naayanaar
  6. Poyyirpulavar
  7. Dhevarand

The Government of Tamil Nadu initiated the idea of celebrating fourth day of Pongal Celebrations as Thiruvalluvar day. This day reminds us of the great man of literature and honors his contribution he made in the form of Thirukkural. This book is considered as a holy book by many since it serves as a guide for human morals and renders path for a better way of living.

Thiruvalluvar Day Celebrations: Celebrations of Thiruvalluvar Day include:

  1. Garlanding Thiruvalluvar Statue to show respect on this intellect
  2. Various public committees, schools and colleges conduct literary discourses which most of the the students or people attend and participate
  3. Meetings were celebrated scholars participate and address will be held in many places of Tamilnadu
  4. Valluvarkottam – which is the  memorial for Thiruvalluvar was established in the year 1976 in Chennai. People visit this memorial on Thiruvalluvar day. The specialty of this memorial is that it is constructed to appear like Dravidian temples. Valluvarkottam also has an an auditorium for literary activities and this auditorium is so vast that it can occupy around 4000 people at a time
  5. People also visit the 133-foot tall statue of Thiruvalluvar at Kanyakumari which was raised at the southern tip of Tamilnadu

People who love this great saint visit these places on Thiruvalluvar Day. It is also a great news to hear that a big statue of Thiruvalluvar is erected outside the School of Oriental and African Studies in London’s Russell Square.