World Environment Day

World Environment Day:

  • World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on June 5 every year
  • World Environment Day was initiated to create awareness on environmental issues
  • WED was initiated by the United Nations (United Nations Environment Programme)
  • WED encourages people across the world to take positive actions to save the earth’s resources and avoid crisis in future
  • The theme of World Environment Day for the year 2015 was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.”

World Environment Day: (Short Essay)

While the whole world is facing crisis through different ways, an awareness programme was initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme. Every year, June 5 is observed as the World Environment Day (WED). World Environment Day is otherwise known as Eco Day or Environment Day. WED is celebrated with a theme that brings out awareness about positive environment actions. 2015 WED was celebrated with the theme “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” The theme tries to encourage people to consume the resources of Earth with care to avoid disasters through any crisis. As a member of the planet, it is our duty to take part in the programme and realize the responsibility we hold in saving Mother Earth.

World Environment Day: (Full Essay)

The social and environmental issues we face in our world Is increasing day by day; and as a result year on year. The natural resources of our earth have been slowly exploited and we have started facing serious environmental issues now. The effects of Global Warming, emission of Green House Gases, utilization of all natural resources and many other actions are innumerable.

A solution is definitely required to create awareness on the serious impacts of the crises. United Nations Environment Programme initiated a programme that is celebrated as World Environment Day on June 5th of every year. The programme was initiated in the year 1972. World Environment Day (WED) is considered as a great day to create positive actions to protect the environment.

For the year 2015, the theme of WED was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” While most of the resources of earth are moving towards an irreversible change, the current consumption level would put the lives of human kind at threat. Awareness should be created on the proper and limited consumption of the resources; risking the survival for surviving today alone is not a good idea. Management of the natural resources in such a way that they do not come to extermination should be promised. The only solution to this would be individual participation in reducing the consumption of earth’s resources. Consumption with Care, to save our planet is the need of the hour; as the theme of 2015 says. Save the resources today f or a glorious tomorrow.

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