World Savings Day:

  1. October 31 is declared as the “World Savings Day” since 1924
  2. World Savings Day is also called the “World Thrift Day
  3. World Savings Day insists the importance of savings to the world
  4. The organizers believed savings should be done as a responsibility both by people and by the country
  5. Savings is important to promote thrift in each and every country in the world

World Savings Day: (Short Essay)

Savings is important for each and every one of us to lead a peaceful life. Saving in present gives way for a happier future. “World Savings Day” was promoted all over the world to insist the same among everyone. October 31 was declared the “World Savings Day” by the International Savings Bank Congress in the year 1924. “World Savings day” is also called the “World Thrift Day”. This day not only tries to claim the necessity of individual savings; it also tries to promote the economy of countries. This is the reason for which it is called “World Thrift Day”.

World Savings Day: (Brief Essay)

Money is the only tool that keeps us running every day. Earning money may be easy; but using it the right way and saving for the future is pretty tough. “World Savings Day” emphasizes on the same phenomenon. To promote savings all across the world, October 31 was declared the “World Savings Day” (International Savings Day) during the first International Savings Bank Congress in Milano, Italy.

“Sparefroh” is the most important part of the World Savings Day. Sparefroh is the official mascot in Austria which means “Save Happily”. Also known as the “World Thrift Day”, World Savings Day also tries to educate people about elements that stand as obstacle to a country’s economy. Saving money towards a fruitful future and opposing gambling, lottery and other such activities should be sophisticated to everyone. Having Savings account as a saving tool should be insisted to everyone across the world. October 31 tries to promote the importance of savings not to a single man but every country as a whole. It should be considered a virtue and followed as a practice in (by) each and every country. Banks and financial institutions try to illustrate the importance of savings by celebrating World Savings Day.

On this day, many educational campaigns are organized in many developing countries. Lectures on importance of savings, concept of savings and many such topics are held in many educational
institutions. Many countries promote savings and thrift using pamphlets, brochures and posters. Children in schools are also educated on savings in small levels so that they understand the significance of the same in future.

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