World Water Day

World Water Day :

  • Water is an important element  that is essential for Life
  • Without water, our planet will not exist
  • The importance of water needs to be insisted to everybody
  • Every individual should take responsibility in saving Freshwater and preserving Water Resources
  • For this, World Water Day is observed on March 22

World Water Day : (Short Essay)

World Water Day is observed on March 22. This day insists to focus on two things: spreading the importance of freshwater and working towards the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Water is a valuable resource without which life on Earth is definitely not possible. Everyone in the world should understand the necessity of water and work towards saving water and water resources for future generations to come. As an initiative, The World Water day was recommended by United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in the year 1992. The day is accepted world wide by all UN members and they act in such a way to notify the importance of water in the globe.

World Water Day : (Brief Essay)

World was created as a beautiful place to live in. We humans have made use of all resources more than it must and have almost ruined the whole phenomena of Eco system. Every resource that was abundant once upon a time requires an awareness programme to be preserved and reserved for future generations to come.

Water – the most important element that forms the fuel of the Earth is a resource that is reducing day by day. We have been so careless to waste water unnecessarily. We all know that “Every Drop Counts”, but following the statement has become tough nowadays.

To focus on the importance of fresh water and ensure the Sustainable Management of fresh water resources, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development proposed March 22 as ‘World Water Day’ in the year 1992. The World Water Day, every year focuses on a different issue by portraying the issue as the theme of the year. Not only for this cause, World Water Day also highlights on improving the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities (WASH) in developing countries.

The Theme of “World Water Day 2016” Is “Better Water Better Jobs”.  Whether we believe or not, Water scarcity directly or indirectly affects the job opportunities since there are many industries that run with the dependency on water. ( like Textiles and Agriculture). Because of this, increased costs of many products can also happen. Understanding this theme, importance of water should be rightly signified to each and everyone. Educating people on the need of water and managing water resources  and implementing them in the right way and using only required amount of freah water is the real accomplishment of observing “World Water Day” every year.