Book Reading

Book Reading :

  • I love books a lot
  • Reading books is my favorite hobby
  • Whenever I find time, I try to read good books
  • Books are my best friend
  • It is good to enrich our knowledge by reading  more books

Book Reading : (Short Essay)

A hobby in life helps to keep us occupied. My hobby is to read different books. In a sense, books give us a great company when we are alone. I have a collection of best books which are my real companions in many situations. As we all know, knowledge is wealth. A man who is enriched with knowledge from various books is much wealthier than a person who has lot of money. All we need to do is to choose the right kind of books. Only when we choose good books our skills and knowledge. We should not stop only by reading books, we should also share our experience after reading the books we liked.

Book Reading : (Brief Essay)

One might think Reading is an easy job that anyone could do. But I would say No. Reading needs patience and the right choice of reading is really important. Reading books give us a great pleasure and that is why I love Reading Books.

I read novels and management books during weekends. I believe that reading books give me a refreshed feelings. New ideas flow when we read books written by various authors. I love to read when I am alone. The books I read have never made me feel alone.

We would have heard about the saying ” A sound mind makes a sound body”. Like how food makes a sound mind, reading books makes our mind stronger.

Books help us a lot on self improvement. When we are able to focus on reading a book keenly, we can really upgrade our knowledge and fine tune our skills. Only when we have knowledge we can entertain others with our ideas. People always love the one who is filled with information. It sounds really a pride feeling when people around us admire our knowledge and openness.

It is always good to have a habit of reading good journals, magazines and editorials apart from books. It is good to be a house of information. That is how we can easily impress people. In school also we can prove to be a unique student if we have knowledge and idea about other fields apart from academics.

Reading books is a good habit. But we should also remember that a person’s nature can be easily judged by the kind of books chosen by him or her. If we choose the good book it is well and good. But if we go for a bad book, it might end in a negative impression on us. So always choose the right books as your companion.

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