Effective Communication

Effective Communication :

  • Communication is a process by which the meanings are exchanged amongst people as a two way process
  • It requires a sender, a message, and an recipient
  • Be sure to follow a comfortable distance between you and the person you are speaking with
  • It helps to navigate challenging situations and build better relationships at home and work

Effective Communication : (Short Essay)

Communication skills are very important in all aspects of life. It is an essential component to achieve excellence in business performance. We spend major portion of our time communicating with people .This communication becomes necessary when language is an issue. The root cause of organizational problems is poor communications.

Effective communication helps people to understand each other and work together to achieve what they desire for. There are situations when sender communicates to say something but the receiver may not get the messages properly.

Such messages create tension and the distrust among people. When communications fail opportunities to rectify that are rarely there.

Effective Communication : (Brief Essay)

In general, we work with people from diverse backgrounds who have different opinions and values than our own.

Communication is our ability to exchange ideas with others, understands their perspective are solely depends on how well we communicate. It has verbal and non-verbal components.

Verbal communication is perceived through the way you speak, your voice and your expressions. Non-verbal communication includes our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture and the tone of your voice.
So, one must be prepared, clear and concise with their communication. This will create trust and respect with people. Communication may seem simple but it is very important to use them in a proper way.

Therefore one must understand that communication is not only important to develop an impression and get the work done but also not to get a bad idea among the people. A good listener knows that being attentive to the speaker will give the cues of what the speaker is telling.

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