Independence Day 2018 :

A warm good morning to everyone gathered.

Independence Day is an auspicious occasion for every country, and we, in India celebrate it with great pride and honor. India’s Independence Day is celebrated on fifteenth of August every year, and it is considered the most important day for all citizens of India. It is a moment of respect given by fellow citizens to all those who struggled for the freedom.

In 1947, August 15th, India was declared independent. On the midnight of this August day in 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled our National Flag at the Red Fort, Delhi, to mark the freedom of India from British. It was the day we got freedom from the atrocious British rule after decades of hard struggle. The great freedom fighters of our country sacrificed their lives and well-being for the freedom that we enjoy today. On their memory, every year, we celebrate Independence Day, remembering the freedom that was gained 72 years ago.

As Indians, we should feel proud of our country and must admire and preserve the good fortune of living on the land of Independent India. On looking back into the history, we can feel the pain of the history of slavery that those before the freedom suffered at the hands of the British government. The Indian history of freedom struggle reveals about everything that our ancestors and forefathers went through and how they endured all the brutal behavior of Britishers. One cannot imagine by living in this independent country that how hard it was for the freedom fighters to get the freedom that we enjoy today. It took nearly a century of fight, struggle, and sacrifices of many freedom fighters from 1857 to 1947.

Today, we are enjoying the fruits of freedom struggle. We have the right to choose our own government and we vote for our candidates. India is the largest democracy in the world, with the constitution providing equality, liberty, and freedom of speech to the citizens. We are no more slaves for anyone. Indeed, India is developing at a very fast rate in various field such as technology, education, sports, finance, and nuclear power, to rise in par with the other countries in the world.

As capable citizens of the country, we should not only be enjoying complete freedom but also understand the responsibilities we have towards our country. We have to work together to preserve the unity and respect the diversity of our nation. Let us all be proud to be Indians.

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