Sports Day

Sports Day :

  • Last week, we celebrated Sports Day in our School
  • We all were dressed in white to show equality on that day
  • The day started with a Mass Drill
  • We had various sports events the whole day
  • I won three prizes on our Sports Day

Sports Day : (Short Essay)

Our school is a famous school located in the heart of the city. Any celebration conducted in our school will flare the whole area in excitement. This year we had a great Sports Day Celebration. We all enjoyed the day and had extreme entertainment. Since I am very much interested in Sports I participated in all the events. The March Past and Mass Drill were the great amusement since we all practised for the same together. The Chief Guest for the great was our District Collector and he was taken away by our performance. On this day, I was also happy since I got many prizes especially in Athletics.

Sports Day : (Brief Essay)

Every school arranges Sports Day event annually. Same way, our school arranged the Annual Sports Meet. Our School Sports Day was a mixture of Various Sports Activities and programmes. The Day beginned with the mass assembly that included Mass Drill and Oath by our Sports Leader  of The School.

Once we took Oath we had the March Past which was followed by the Speech by The Chief Guest. Then the Sports Day Was declared and the events started. We had various Sports Activities like Huddle Race, Long Jump, High Jump, Throw Ball, Volley Ball, Hockey and much more. Since we had many capable and well practised students we had very interesting games and matches to watch.

I partcipated in Throw Ball and Volley Ball. Our Volley Ball team won the match though we were misfortunate in the Throw Ball Match. Besides, I also won in the 100 m race,relay and Long Jump. I felt so proud since I won.

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