National Science Day speech

It is a great pleasure to talk on this day – the National Science Day.

National Science Day is celebrated in India every year on 28th of February. But why do we celebrate this day? What is the aim of it? This day commemorates the invention of the Raman Effect by the great Indian physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. It was on this same day that Sir Raman made to the world his greatest invention, the Raman Effect, in the year 1928. He was awarded and honored in the year 1930 with the Nobel Prize in the Physics for his great success in the field of science in India.

On this day, we show our dignity and respect to the famous Indian physicist to mark his discovery of the Raman Effect. CV Raman was born on 7th of November 1888 at Tiruchirappalli, TamilNadu. His father was a lecturer in Physics and Maths. Raman was the first person to research such an invention in India. He worked from 1907 to 1933 in Kolkata at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, doing research on so many topics in Physics, of which the Raman Effect became his great success. His discovery marked a notable achievement in the Indian history.

So, what is Raman Effect? It is the effect on the scattering of light when passing through different materials.

Every Year the National Science Day focuses on a particular Theme. Last year (2017), the theme was ‘Science and Technology for the Specially-abled person’ and the previous year (2016) theme was ‘make in India: S&T driven innovations’. This year (2018) theme is ‘Science and Technology for a sustainable future’. Generally, the celebration includes public speech, talk shows, science exhibition based on themes and concepts, live projects and researches demonstration, along with debates, quizzes, lectures, and much more science-related activities. Also, various awards are given by government and non-government bodies to recognize the efforts of individuals for the popularization of science in the country.

The day is celebrated as a science carnival, recognizing the scientific activities and programs in the country through the participation of students from schools and colleges, along with scientists from the state and National faculties. These events organized during this National Science Day celebration provides a platform for various newcomers/scientists to start their career in the field of science.

The main objectives of celebrating this National Science Day is to bring awareness to people about the importance of scientific applications in their daily life and to encourage them by popularizing the Science and Technology. It allows the scientists and experts from the field to discuss issues and new technologies trending in the field. Also, the celebration is aimed at giving an opportunity for a younger generation to display their activities, efforts, and achievements in the field of science for human welfare.

As students, it is our responsibility of every student to honor the great man and his invention, by contributing greatly to the field of science through innovation.

All the very best to enhance your scientific zeal.

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  1. An invention can really change life …
    Imagine people living without fire or the new tech… that’s difficult

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