Promotion Acceptance Letter Example

Promotion acceptance letters are sent by an employee to the organization. It is always professional to send an acceptance letter via mail accepting your promotion and reporting the date of taking on the duty and the rest of the details. Also, the promotion acceptance letter is a way to express your thankfulness to your employer to take on the new role in the company.





Dear sir/madam,

Subject: Promotion Acceptance Letter

I am very much pleased to receive your mail today regarding the promotion you have offered me. I am glad to take on the promoted position of Senior Manager at our new concern, CopperTel Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. located in Bangalore. With great pleasure, I accept this new position in our company and it is a great recognition of my services to the organization.

I hereby, send you this letter of acceptance declaring my espousal to the organization. As per our discussion, I can take on the new duty and responsibility from the following month. Also, as mentioned by our company terms, I will be receiving a pay of 6.5 lakhs per annum along with other benefits and incentives.

I am very thankful and overwhelmed on this promotion and looking forward with enthuse to take on such a great responsibility and meet new challenges.

Thank you once again.