My Summer Vacation to Munar

Last Updated on March 4, 2017

My Summer Vacation to Munar:

  • Our Summer Vacation this year was an enjoyable one
  • We went with our Family to a beautiful place –
  • The beauty of the place proved it belongs to the God’s own Country, Kerala
  • We stayed in a resort located in the middle of the forest for 4 days
  • My visit to was an unforgettable experience in my life

My Summer Vacation to Munar: (Short Essay)

Once the examinations were over this year, we planned to visit , a wonderful place filled with so many destinations. We went to for a week since my father was able to pause his business activities for a while. It was a nice and relaxing trip for us. The weather in was very pleasant when we reached there. We heard there are many waterfalls in ; we visited the Chittamkal waterfalls and Attukal Waterfalls. We enjoyed our walks through the roads with Tea Gardens in both the sides. The most fascinating day of the trip was when to went to the hill station, Devikulam which is located very near to .

My Summer Vacation to Munar: (Brief Essay)

Every year, we used to visit famous destinations in our Country. This year, we planned a long trip to the mind blowing haven of peace – . is yet another pride of the God’s Own Country, Kerala. There are many reasons people visit , we heard. We wanted to explore the place and enjoy its unfolded splendor as a part of our family recreation.

We planned a trip with our uncle’s family so that we can enjoy together. It was a sunny day when we started from our home town but as we moved towards we felt very pleasant and cool. On our way, we enjoyed the Flora and Fauna, valleys, hills and waterfalls.
The best thing about is the Tea Gardens everywhere. We really loved walking along the Tea Gardens and took a lot of photos there.

The waterfalls in are endless and we enjoyed the scenery over there. One of the adventurous experience in is the Eravikulam National Park.  In this National Park, we saw an animal that is about to extinct – Nilgiri Tahr.  The Eco Point was a thrilling Experience where we had fun shouting our names loudly and hearing it back the same way. We also went to the Blossom International Park, which is a Garden with admirable flowers and mind blowing surroundings.

Our Summer Vacation to is an unforgettable experience in our Life. The natural scenery, waterfalls, rivers and much more that we found in kept us so attached with the place that we wished not to leave at the last day.