Water Pollution :

Water Pollution : (Short Essay)

Water is one of the precious resources without which life on Earth is really not possible. Having known this fact, man has being definitely lesser responsible and water all over the world is contaminated in several manners. Such an unwanted addition of substances that make water unfit for human consumption is called water pollution. Water pollution generally happens due to effluents (that is industrial wastes), domestic sewage, oil spills and surface run off. Control of water pollution is really not an easy process since already the water all over is contaminated to its highest level. But through individual efforts, we can stop pollution in water.

Water Pollution : (Brief Essay)

Adding unwanted substances to water and making water unfit for human consumption can be simply termed as water pollution. When water in environment loses its physical and chemical characteristics through pollution, the whole planets suffers with water scarcity.

Water pollution needs to be controlled and the control can start with the right identification of the sources. The sources of water pollution include:

  1. Industrial wastes that contaminate water to a great level
  2. Surface Run off from agricultural lands that carry lot of pesticides and residues
  3. Oil spills that are highly dangerous though they are accidental discharge of petroleum products in oceans and estuaries
  4. Domestic sewage that includes detergents, organic matter and other such matters

The effects of water pollution are many, a few of them are:

Unless and until we stop the sources from polluting the water resources, saving water for our future generations would be a real question mark. We should implement the right kind of sewage treatment plants to reduce water pollution. Usage of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers should be controlled to a certain extent.

Social awareness plays a major role in preventing and controlling any kind of environmental hazards. Educating unaware public on how they contribute to water pollution and its consequences is very much essential. Activities and programmes on water pollution would help awake the society that is the source of water pollution in a big way.


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