Early Bird Catches the Worm

Early Bird Catches the Worm :

  • One who comes is the one who is benefited everywhere
  • We should be first in anything we do
  • If we make our activities late, we might miss great opportunities
  • A person who completes tasks well ahead of time is always praised
  • So, we should remember that “Early Bird Catches the Worm”

Early Bird Catches the Worm : (Short Essay)

“Early Bird Catches the Worm” is a famous saying that signifies the value of punctuality. Being on time is the first step  towards victory in any task. We should be punctual to achieve success and  avoid procrastination and laziness in life. We should study on a regular basis and try to be well ahead of our classmates. Only if we wake up early, study early and do all other activities as early as possible we can be able to enjoy the fruits of success. Else, we have to struggle till last minute to complete our tasks.  So, we should punctual, disciplined and confident over anything we do in order to catch hold of success in life.

Early Bird Catches the Worm : (Brief Essay)

We all are familiar about the famous proverb “Early Bird Catches The Worm”. But understanding the meaning of the proverb is much important than just knowing it.

“Bird” in the proverb indicates ourselves and “Worm” in the proverb indicated “Success or our Target Point”. In life, success comes to people those who reach to it ahead of others. By being early in whatever we do, we get the opportunity of being noticed. Recognition and appreciation is very important in order to stand out from others.

Only when we try to complete our tasks before others, we can be in the first place. One another important thing to remember is, not only to be successful, but also to attain few things we have to be early. The simple example is that, catching a train is not a tough task. But if we are late by 2 minute, we would miss the train by then. This clearly means that, nobody is going to wait for us. If we want to reach a target, we have to prepare our mind towards and tell ourselves that we should steadfast in achieving the same.

In order to be a successful person, being early in everything is important. By being early in everything, we always stay fit. Here comes another saying that beautifully explains this:

“Early to Bed Early to Rise makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”. This saying needs no explanation. It says it all. So, as students to succeed in all competitions and to excel in our studies we should be the first to initiate any task. This adds value to our character and we get recognized by everyone, everywhere.

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